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Early Childhood is an exciting time for parents and children to explore music together. In association with the Forte School of Music in Australia, MEC offers these award winning classes at a variety of locations and times to suit you. For the timetable on upcoming classes please click here.
Music Is Fun

For 3 - 4 ½ years.  An exciting beginners keyboard course to develop music skills using both play and guided learning experiences.
Your child is about to embark on a fantastic musical journey. 'Music is Fun' is our introductory keyboard/piano course. Through games and activities your child will:
Learn about the keyboard and where each note lives. Through songs and finger prep activities, they discover how to play these notes on the keyboard.

- Elroy, (a beautiful puppet) comes to life in the lesson each week to assist in the learning process.  Elroy the Puppet
- And there’s Elmagog, the frog who lives on the black note lily pads, Mick the monkey and a whole host of other friends to meet along the way to introduce your child in an age appropriate and enjoyable way to music.
- Children discover music is their own experience.
- Our approach engages the whole body in the learning experience, which makes learning easier and more memorable. And most importantly – It’s going to be lots of FUN!
Music is Fun  - Tips for Parents

Junior Keys - Music Munchkins

For beginner students younger than 7 years old. Children learn to play piano and unlike traditional music training also gain a good grounding in all other musical skills including:

• Ear training for pitch (ability to identify musical notes by ear)
• Music theory (understanding the symbols used in music)
• Music reading
• Composition
• Keyboard harmony (the underlying chord structures, patterns and systems that all
music is built on).
Early Childhood
Piano/ Keyboard

For 4 ½ - 7 years.  Forte's unique keyboard courses are renowned for making learning music fun. Children enjoy the wide variety of music. From classical to rock’n’roll, in no time you will be amazed at how much they can do. Theory, listening, reading, composing, and all musical skills are developed in a comprehensive approach so your child will develop into a young musician.
These keyboard courses give students foundation music skills,  which is ideal preparation for playing in a school band or orchestra in the future.

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