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Piano and Keyboard Teacher

Teaches: Piano

Teaching Style: Classical and jazz

LRSL Licentiate of Royal School London
AIRMT Associate Institute of Registered Music Teachers.
ATCL Associate of Trinity College London.

Personal Profile
Gabrielle teaches a mixture of classical and jazz. She has taught piano and music theory for more than 30 years, primarily teaching students aged 7 - 15. She has put hundreds of students over the years for both practical and theory examinations, as she believes that a goal is a tremendous motivator to aim for excellence.

Gabrielle firmly believes that music is a fundamental in our education and that every child should be given the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument. Playing a musical instrument is a gift for life and Gabrielle has seen in her pupils that learning a musical instrument gives transferable skills such as developing self discipline; patience and perseverance. She has also seen students gain great self motivation; co-ordination; enhanced problem solving ability and self-confidence.

Some of her students have moved on to become composers, work in the wider music industry as technicians, and one has become a professional jazz musician.

Gabrielle has a large family of eight children and insisted that each of her children learn at least two musical instruments - piano and one other. Her own children have learnt guitar; ukulele; clarinet; oboe; flute; trumpet; euphonium; tuba; violin; viola and harp. They have also been in school jazz bands; orchestras and choirs. She is well aware that for a student to become a solid musician it requires family commitment and discipline to foster musical growth. Gabrielle is regularly cantor at her local church.

As the Music Education Centre has different teachers over a range of locations, please contact our office on 0800 89 39 39 to find out where Gabrielle is currently teaching, or which of our other great teachers may be available at your preferred location.

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