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Guitar Teacher

Teaching Style: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Metal and Blues.

Experience: Georgi has been teaching guitar for four years both in primary schools, high schools and privately. He has earned qualifications in NCEA Level 3 Music as well as earning a Diploma in Contemporary Music in 2015.

Personal Profile
Georgi prefers to teach Pop, Rock, Jazz, Metal and Blues but is still very comfortable with teaching classical guitar and classical notation (he also teaches guitar tab).

Georgi plays both in a rock band that gigs regularly and as a solo guitarist writing and recording music at home. One of his most notable performances was playing live for the Unitec graduation in 2015, in the Auckland town hall in front of 1000+ people. He has also worked with some of Auckland's most talented up and coming young guitarists.

“My teaching ethic is to take a simple and steady approach to teaching the guitar. Guitar like many other artistic instruments is an instrument of patience and likewise I think my teaching style reflects that. As my students progress the difficulty and intensity of lessons also evolves but never to a point where students might feel pressured or like the instrument becomes an overbearing form of homework. With me its all about taking it easy, having a bit of fun but also becoming amazing guitarists!”

As the Music Education Centre has different teachers over a range of locations, please contact our office on 0800 89 39 39 to find out where Georgi is currently teaching, or which of our other great teachers may be available at your preferred location.

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