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Piano & Keyboard Teacher

Teaches: Piano & Keyboard

Teaching Style: All Styles

Experience: Irina has spent many years studying music; both at a School of Music and at the University of Art (Kasnodar, South of Russia), graduating with Honours

Personal Profile
Irina Getman, Russian born cellist and music teacher, started cello at the age of seven. After studying music for seven years in a children music school and four years in a Music college graduating with honours, Irina, at the age of 20, continued her music education at University of Art in Krasnodar city in the South of Russia. Being in her first year at University she became a leader of cello section of Krasnodar Philarmonia Orchestra. After graduation Irina successfully played an audition to join The State Musical Theatre as a Sub-principal cellist. Irina is also a highly-demanded recording cellist with a wide range of styles. Irina’s teaching career started in Russia as an Artistic lecturer of Chamber Music department in Krasnodar University of Art.

In 2013 Irina moved to New Zealand with her family. In Auckland she enjoys a balance between teaching, performing and visiting all beautiful places New Zealand has to offer. Since 2014 Irina has been a member of many orchestras and ensembles. Currently she is teaching music across Auckland while recording music content for her new YouTube Channel.

"I have been providing private tuition using a blend of the world’s leading pedagogical methods and teaching philosophies. Music theory and general knowledge is taught as an integral part of the syllabus and learning program."

"I have strong belief that any student has the ability to succeed – either on a personal level, a professional level or both. It is my job as their teacher to set the expectations very high; higher than the student may think they can achieve at first. Whether or not the student actually achieves the expectation at face value is not the point. The journey to reach those heights is how the student truly discovers their talent, their art and themselves. I provide the student with every bit of information that I can to guide them through their journey. But ultimately, the job of all teachers is to take the student to the point where they don’t need us anymore."

As the Music Education Centre has different teachers over a range of locations, please contact our office on 0800 89 39 39 to find out where Irina is currently teaching, or which of our other great teachers may be available at your preferred location.

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