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Guitar Teacher

Teaches: Guitar

Teaching Style: All styles

Experience: Sven has a background a primary school teacher, and gained an international qualification in guitar teaching through the Music Education Centre

Personal Profile
After 4 years as a primary school teacher, Karl Sven Hjelmstrom went overseas to study and perform in musical contexts. He started as part of a professional cabaret act (guitar and vocals) as well as studying classical guitar under William Grandison at Trinity College, London. Sven also studied music theory and singing (voice training) to support performing in clubs, cabaret and summer season venues in England and Europe for 5 years.

After a turn of events, Sven returned to New Zealand and continued a teaching career working up to Principal level, working as a musical specialist in many schools. With retirement approaching he got back into music with a view to public performance again and also had guitar lessons with an excellent classical guitar teacher who composes and arranges music for private and public performance.

Sven is currently teaching guitar with MEC and he gained an international qualification in guitar teaching through MEC. He is doing many solo gigs but now also returning to vocal performance and blues and jazz on acoustic and electric instruments.

“ I’m able to cover most musical genres in the initial stages of learning an instrument’. The point of difference for me is currently doing solo gigs on electric classical guitar through an AER acoustic amplifier which seems to make people really sit up and take notice, because sight unseen they think a piano is being played!!! I absolutely love playing the guitar, an instrument that is initially easy to learn to play but rather difficult to master.”

As the Music Education Centre has different teachers over a range of locations, please contact our office on 0800 89 39 39 to find out where Sven is currently teaching, or which of our other great teachers may be available at your preferred location.

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