the music education centre


Piano and Keyboard Teacher

Teaches: Piano

Teaching Style: All styles

Experience: Theresa holds a Bachelor of Music, a Bachelor in Accounting, and a Teaching Diploma

Personal Profile
Theresa is one of our longstanding teachers at the Music Education Centre, with many years of experience, not only in musical tuition but also from her background of academic teaching to students in South Africa.

As with all of our teachers, Theresa joined our team after having been carefully selected for her exceptional instrumental skills and qualities as a teacher. All Music Education Centre teachers are selected through a strict interview and audition process to ensure that they can meet their students’ specific needs.

As the Music Education Centre has different teachers over a range of locations, please contact our office on 0800 89 39 39 to find out where Theresa is currently teaching, or which of our other great teachers may be available at your preferred location.

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