Terms & Conditions


Policies around how lessons at the Music Education Centre are delivered – effective Aug 2020.

The Music Education Centre has been committed to helping and support students and their musical successes since 1981.  To ensure all our students and teachers continue to receive the long term benefits of a musical education we require all of our students (and/or parents) to follow these terms of tuition.

Lesson Fees:

Our teachers rely on student payment for their income.  Lesson fees are invoiced in advance.  These are to be paid within 7 days of the invoice date.  Fees can be paid by internet banking transfer, credit card, eftpos or cash.

Missed Lessons:

Regular lessons are an important ingredient to long term success.  Lessons are booked on a weekly recurring basis.  If a student is unable to attend a scheduled lesson, a credit will be issued against the next billing period up to a maximum of 4 lesson credits per year.  If a teacher has to miss an invoiced lesson, and no substitute teacher can be arranged, the teacher will provide a make up lesson.

Online lessons during enforced closedowns

Online learning provides continuity of education and offers professional guidance to maintain progress already made.  Music Education Centre teachers have experience giving lessons online when face to face tuition is not possible.  If our centres or schools are required to close, students should expect to continue with their lessons online.  Whilst online learning is a different experience to in-person tuition, this is a proven method of education and used successfully by schools, universities and other educational institutions.  When online lessons are offered in place of face to face learning, our standard policies surrounding missed lessons and refunds continue to apply.

Overdue lesson fees:

The Music Education needs to ensure that its teachers are able to make a sustainable income from music teaching.  As such, students whose fees remain unpaid after 30 days of the invoice date, may attract a late fee of $15 per month until lesson fees are brought up to date.  At all times, the centre and its teachers reserve the right to cancel a student’s lessons without notice if fees have not been paid in full when due.  Overdue lesson accounts may be handed over to debt collection agencies and we will pass on any associated collection fees to the student/parent.

Cancelling lessons:

If a teacher is given sufficient notice of a student stopping, they can ensure students are left in a better position to keep making music in the future.  Students should therefore give as much notice as possible when ceasing lessons.  Students are expected to complete any lessons booked in the current billing period.  If it is not possible for a student to attend some of those lessons, the student may be offered the opportunity to take those lessons online – or have any overpayments held as a credit against future lessons.  Refunds will not be given.

Health and Safety:

Students and teachers need to take all reasonable steps to ensure their health and safety.  In addition to police vetting all Music Education Centre teachers, and documenting health and safety procedures in our teacher handbooks, centre teachers and staff may require students and parents to follow other measures to keep themselves and others safe.  Special consideration should be made of hearing protection as well as posture when playing instruments.  Parents and students should make sure that any concerns are bought to the attention of Music Education Centre management as soon as possible.


In order to gain the most benefit from lessons, students should have access to an instrument at home.  In the case of face to face drum and piano lessons, the Music Education Centre will provide access to either an acoustic or electronic instrument for use during the scheduled lesson time.  For all other instruments, students are expected to supply their own instrument for use in lessons.  Advice on where to hire or buy instruments is available upon request.

Contact Information:

Communication is essential for providing feedback and ensuring students safety.  Students/Parents will ensure that they provide up to date contact details, including address, email and phone number at all times while learning with the Music Education Centre.


Personal Information will not be shared with any third parties outside of the Music Education Centre, its employees, contractors, agents, partner schools or subsidiaries.  The centre undertakes to seek the express permission of the student (over the age of 18) or a parent/guardian in all other situations.

Photography and Video footage:

The Music Education Centre believes that student success should be celebrated and acknowledged.  Students and parents agree that photos and videos of students participating in lessons and in Music Education Centre organised concerts may be used from time to time by the Music Education Centre for training or promotional purposes.  This may include footage and material filmed by or on behalf of the centre, or reposts of material already publicly uploaded by parents.

Parents are encouraged to post photos and videos of THEIR OWN CHILDREN publicly online but always in a responsible manner.  Parents should not post footage of other children without the express permission of those parents.

PARENTS AND ADULT STUDENTS CAN ALWAYS REQUEST THAT PHOTOS OR VIDEOS BE TAKEN DOWN.  These requests should be made by contacting our office on 0800 89 39 39.  The centre undertakes to remove such posts as quickly as possible after receiving such request.

Music Books

Students should be encouraged to build a library of materials music and tutor books.  Not only does this become a valuable resource for revision and reference, but maintains a sold structure in a students’ musical education.  Most students will usually require music books from time to time.  In most cases these will need to be sourced from suppliers other than the Music Education Centre.  If a teacher purchases a music book on a student’s behalf, the student/parent must reimburse the teacher in full within 7 days.  Books supplied by the Music Education Centre will be added to the student’s account and fall due for payment within seven days.


Copyright law prevents the Music Education Centre from permitting complete photocopies of published materials.  Only excerpts of published works are permitted to be copied for educational purposes.  As such, students and teachers are expected to follow all legal requirements regarding the copying materials, and as such they indemnify the Music Education Centre against any action resulting from their personal failures to comply.

Amendments to Terms and Conditions

The Music Education Centre is continually looking at ways to improve its service to students and teachers.  As such, our standard terms of tuition may change from time to time.  Any changes to our terms will be published on our website (www.musiceducation.co.nz).  By taking lessons with the Music Education Centre, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions at all times.