Thirteen To Nineteen Years



Music has always played an important role in the lives of teenagers. This is the age when children start making independent choices to help them develop their own unique identity. Playing a musical instrument is a great way to start expressing ones self and the Music Education Centres teachers know how to give teenagers the skills to lead them towards whatever musical goals they may have.

Whether the dream is to be a singer-songwriter, part of a band with friends, or to gain the satisfaction of achieving proficiency on a classical or orchestral instruments, the Music Education Centre’s one to one tuition, can be structured to make sure the lessons help teenagers reach their own musical potential.

The routine of regular lessons, and positive focus towards education means the Music Education Centre is also helping provide a level of stability at a time when teenagers are experiencing a roller-coaster of emotions in other areas of their life. Playing an instrument offers a creative outlet, and the opportunity to develop social skills that will hold them in good stead for their future.

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